Polywater CGL Communications Gel Pulling Lubricant

1/2 Gal Bag Polywater® Lubricant CGL in Pail CGL-110

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Universal Pulling Lubricant for Copper, Coax, and Fiber Cables

Polywater® Lubricant CGL is a high-performance, gel cable pulling lubricant formulated specifically for the communications industry. It is recommended for fiber optic, copper or coaxial cable pulls.

Polywater® Lubricant CGL provides maximum friction reduction between cable and conduit under both low and high sidewall bearing pressures. It is slow drying and leaves a lubricating film after its water base has evaporated. Polywater® CGL is a gel material and can be applied by hand or using Polywater’s LP-D5 pump.

Polywater® Lubricant CGL is safe for the aquatic environment. It meets California regulation CCR 22. Polywater® CGL is suitable for use on PE and low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) communication cable jackets.

Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® CGL comes in two grades: Regular Grade and Winter Grade (for cold weather use in temperatures as low as -20°F/-30°C).

Polywater® CGL can also be pumped using the LP-D5 Drill-Powered Pump (see sidebar).

Polywater® CGL Gel Communications Cable Pulling Lubricant
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(Winter Grade)
Package Description Units/Case
CGL-35 WCGL-35 1-quart/0.95-liter squeeze bottle 12
CGL-128 WCGL-128 1-gallon/3.8-liter pail 4
CGL-640 WCGL-640 5-gallon/18.9-liter pail 1
CGL-27 1-quart/0.95-liter bag 12 in box
CGL-99 1-quart/0.95-liter bag 16 in pail
CGL-55 ½-gallon/1.9-liter bag 6 in box
CGL-110 ½-gallon/1.9-liter bag 10 in pail