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110V Power Dart Blower

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The Power Dart® Blower is a pneumatic rodding system especially suited for long duct runs. A three-motor system allows you to choose the right speed for your needs. With all three motors engaged, the Power Dart Blower will deliver up to 300 cfm (8.5 m3/min) of air at 3 psi (.2 bar) max. pressure, easily blowing 1⁄2″ (13 mm) poly line  or measuring  tape  over  2,000  feet  (610  m)  in  conduit  up  to 6 inches (152 mm) in diameter.

110 Volt model includes a 30 amp twist plug.

What’s in the box?

110V Power Dart Blower Unit


Body Seal-Off & Seal-Offs for 1/2″ – 6″ (13 mm-152 mm) Conduit


Carriers not included.

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Weight 55.00 oz