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2″ Straight Conduit Adapters

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Additional adapters are available which allow pulling into conduit up to 6″ (152 mm) in size. The 5″ (127 mm) and 6″ (152 mm) adapters require the use of an optional retaining fork.

Adapters for 2″ (51 mm), 3″ (76 mm), 31/2″ (89 mm), 4″ (102 mm) conduit are included in a tool box that comes standard with all cable pullers. Order additional adapters separately below, or order a complete toolbox. Includes all six items marked with (*) below.”

Available adapters:

Straight Adapters

Split Adapters

Split Adapter

Conduit Adapter Accessories

Elbow Adapters: Use in junction or meter boxes. Allows the conduit adapter to fully seat when there isnt room for the retaining fork and puller frame.

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