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7/8″ Break-Away Swivel 150lbs Break Load

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Essential for fiber optic and coaxial cable pulling, these swivels have a break  load  ranging  from  150–1,800  pounds (667–8,006  N)   and   are   designed   to   separate   at   ±10% of  their  rated  break  load.  If  the  load  rating  is  exceeded, the interior break  pin  fractures,  the  swivel  separates,  and the cable remains undamaged.

U. S. Patent No. 4,687,365. Break-Away Swivel Dimensions


5/8″” Swivel (16 mm)

7/8″” Swivel (22 mm)

NOTE: Swivels are not designed to run around bullwheels.

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