(AB1.660) 1.25″ Press On Barbed – Aluminum Coupler
(AB1.660) 1.25″ Press On Barbed – Aluminum Coupler-chart

(AB1.660) 1.25″ Press On Barbed – Aluminum Coupler

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This innovative coupling design combines the advantages of low cost, reliability, and a fast time saving method of installation. Each of the barbed rings functions as a separate full circumference seal providing double protection against air passing through the connection.

The sharp precision cut barbs bite into the body of the duct creating a connection having both high internal and external sealing capability and exceptional pull out strength. Sealing and tensile efficiency of the couplings actually improves as internal air pressure in the duct increases during the cable placement operation. These coupling are also made for every size of SDR and SIDR innerduct.

Being a compression type fitting, the coupling must be pushed onto the innerduct under a compression load sufficient to cause the barbs to bite into the duct which requires the use of the DK200-HC hydraulic coupling press. A mechanically assisted installation procedure insures each coupling is installed properly, thereby, increasing the overall reliability of every connection.