(AS6.625) 6.0″ Reverse Thread – Aluminum Coupler
(AS6.625) 6.0″ Reverse Thread – Aluminum Coupler-chart
(AS6.625) 6.0″ Reverse Thread – Aluminum Coupler-diagram

(AS6.625) 6.0″ Reverse Thread – Aluminum Coupler

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The sharp buttress type threads withstand high pulling loads that meet or exceed the Bellcore tensile standard of 1000 lbs. These coupling are machined with one degree of taper and have a long chamfered lead-in for straight, easy starting. The couplings incorporate a wide, eight pitch thread angle which greatly reduces the number of revolutions necessary to install the couplings. These versatile couplings can be used in manholes, direct bury, aerial, or any application except where an air or water tight connection is required.