(ASB 2.375) 2.0″ Reverse Thread Barbed – Aluminum Coupler-chart
(ASB 2.375) 2.0″ Reverse Thread Barbed – Aluminum Coupler-diagram

(ASB 2.375) 2.0″ Reverse Thread Barbed – Aluminum Coupler

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This series of aluminum air tight couplings incorporates the same reliable, full circumference seal used in our barbed ring compression couplings. But unlike other one piece plastic or aluminum compression couplings that have to be installed with some type of coupling press, Cabletec’s reverse thread barbed ring couplings can be installed like any ordinary reverse thread coupling. Instead of a coupling press, a special wide pitch, fast traveling thread is used to force the innerduct over the barbed ring seal. These couplers are available in double lead threads at an additional cost. Contact our sales department for more information.

From a user’s standpoint, the coupling would be installed exactly like any common reverse thread coupling. Due to the wide pitch angle of the threads, only 10 complete turns are required to install these couplings. Another important feature of the coupling is that the outside diameters are small enough to allow these couplings to be pulled into primary ducts or through plow chutes.

These threaded couplings permit tensil loading as high as conventional reverse couplings and provide a positive reliable seal up to 180 lbs. psi. Being a machined product, these couplings can be sized for the exact outside diameter of any innerduct. The amount of interference designed into the fit of the coupling will accommodate the .012-.015 manufacturing tolerances allowed in the outside diameter of the innerduct.

Eliminating the cost of special tools combined with a faster installation make the in-place cost of these couplings as economical as any compression type airtight coupling. Listed items are standard, but custom sizes can be made!