(ASP-4.500) 4.0″ HDPE-PVC Transition – Aluminum-Coupler
(ASP 4.500) 4.0″ HDPE-PVC Transition – Aluminum Coupler-chart
(ASP 4.500) 4.0″ HDPE-PVC Transition – Aluminum Coupler-diagram

(ASP 4.500) 4.0″ HDPE-PVC Transition – Aluminum Coupler

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Cabletec’s PE-PVC Transition couplings were designed as a simple, economical solution to the problem of connecting polyethylene duct to standard IPS metal or PVC pipe or fittings. The couplings are air tight to 180 psi, have high pullout strength and easily handle the leverage stresses exerted from connecting large radius sweeps and full-length pipe sections.

The design has regular right hand threads on the polyethylene end of the coupling. The other end of the coupling is machined with regular IPS female pipe threads to accept a male to female PVC pipe adaptor. The male end of the adaptor is screwed into the coupling and the PVC pipe or sweep is glued into the female end of the adaptor.

Listed items are standard, but custom sizes can be made!