Blue TST Series – Trace-Safe® Trench TST602W

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Water blocking reinforced tracer wire used for direct burial locating purposes in the telecommunications, gas, sewer or water utilities. Double insulated tin-coated solid copper conductor enables location of plastic gas lines, sewer lines, water pipes and non-metallic dielectric fiber optic cables.

Features & Benefits

  • Durably printed with sequential footage or meter markings
  • Conductor additionally protected by product construction
  • Market specific coloring for easy identification
  • Water blocking yarns
  • High density polyethylene jackets
  • Low elongation for enhanced worker safety, no spring back
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Packaged on sturdy recyclable plastic reels
  • Conductor functions at a wide range of frequencies and is compatible with any standard locating equipment
  • Fungus resistant
  • 600 V rated per UL 1581 meets CE standards
  • Passes 3 meter water head test
  • Universal connector system
Product Color Code Market
TST600W Orange Telecommunications
TST601W Yellow Gas
TST602W Blue Water
TST603W Green Sewer

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1000ft, 2500ft, 5000ft