CableGlider STD 220V

CableGlider® STD 220V Split

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The Condux CableGlider® STD 220 Volt Cable Puller offers portability and ease of set-up in a completely self-contained unit to adapt to a variety of pulling situations. It comes equipped with a three-speed removable power pack, providing up to 6,500 pounds (28,912 N) of pulling force at low speed. Speed changes are no problem with just a turn of a dial. Design features include a self-tailing capstan for added stability, a pivoting arm and a foot switch for operator convenience and safety. Accepts all diameter rope (self-tailing capstan accepts 5⁄8” (16 mm) to 7⁄8” (22 mm) rope only).

What’s in the box?


Foot Switch

Retaining Fork

Conduit Adapters

2″ (51mm)

3″ (76mm)

3 1/2″ (89mm)

4″ (102mm)

Tool box for the acessories


Warning: CableGlider® Cable Pullers are not to be used as a hoist or for lifting

Additional information

Weight 226.00 oz