Compressed Air Cooler

Compressed Air Cooler

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The Condux Compressed Air Cooler cools compressed air from a maximum temperature of 350 F (176 C), to within 20 F (11 C) of the ambient temperature. For example, if the ambient temperature is 100 F (37 C), air from the air compressor enters the air cooler at 350 F (176 C). That air will leave the cooler at approximately 120 F (49 C). Cooling the air reduces the chances of heat damage to the cable and duct.

The Condux Compressed Air Cooler also removes moisture from the air. Water from humid air can dilute cable blowing lubricant and collect in the duct run.

Use of the Condux Compressed Air Cooler is recommended when ambient air temperatures reach 90 F (32 C) or more and/or the duct is exposed to direct sunlight.

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