DT1250P Detectable MULETAPE®

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DT Series – 22 gauge conductor

Flat, woven, polyester tape with insulated metallic conductor enables detection of all-dielectric cables and empty conduit.

Features & Benefits

  • Lubricated for easy installation and reduced friction
  • Durably printed with sequential footage or meter markings*
  • Available in a variety of tensile strengths
  • Low elongation for enhanced worker safety
  • Lightweight and easily blown into conduit or innerduct
  • Packaged on sturdy wooden or plastic reels
  • Easily spliced using conventional methods or the MULEKNOT™
  • Corrosion-resistant conductor functions at a wide range of frequencies and is compatible with any standard transmitting/receiving equipment
  • NEPTCO Detectable MULETAPE identification tags included with every reel

Please refer to NEPTCO’s applications bulletin on grounding and splicing Detectable MULETAPE.

Please refer to NEPTCO’s applications bulletin for instructions on splicing using a MULEKNOT.

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3000ft, 5000ft