Gulfstream 150

Gulfstream 150 Micro Fiber Blower, Base INTL Kit (No Duct Packs, Cable Seals, or Tripod)

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The Gulfstream 150 micro fiber blower is designed for FTTx and Enterprise micro fiber cable installation projects. The self-contained Gulfstream 150 combines the push force of a small electric motor driven belt drive with compressed air to quickly and easily install microfiber cables from 1.0mm to 2.5mm in diameter into microduct ranging in size from 5mm to 8.0mm, at speeds up to 375 feet per minute!

The unit’s machined aluminum construction provides a lightweight profile with long life and durability. The Gulfstream 150’s compact size and convenient carrying case allow for easy transport between job sites.

*The Gulfstream 150 no longer includes a battery or charger. 

Requirements listed below and must be sourced by installer.

Battery Requirements:


DCB120 Li-Ion Battery -12.0v 1.5Ah

DCB101 Li-Ion Charger 12v/20V – 1.3A


DCB127 Li-Ion Battery – 10.8v 2.0Ah

DCB112 Li-Ion Charger 10.8v – 2.0Ah