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Mechanical Gulfstream™ 400 Fiber Optic Cable Blower with International Fittings

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The Condux Gulfstream 400™ Fiber Optic Cable Blower is designed for the installation of fiber optic cables with diameters from 0.23″ (5.8 mm) to 1.13″ (28.7 mm) into microduct.

Order Duct and Cable Packs seperately, to ensure the correct size for your needs.

The Condux Gulfstream™ 400 Fiber Optic Cable Blower is ideal for “Last Mile” Fiber Installations.

Install  up  to  300   feet   of   fiber   optic   cable   per   minute (90 m/min).  The  cable  travels  at  the  same  speed  as  the air! A carrier is always attached to the front of the cable. Compressed air propels the carrier and cable through the air-tight sealed duct. And, because air flow  and tractor drive speed can be adjusted, you can install fiber at the rate which best suits any application.

The Condux Gulfstream 400  Deluxe  Fiber  Optic  Cable Blower features longer tractor feed grip area for less stress  on  the  cable,  and  a  manual cylinder  on  the tractor feed to better control down pressure. Condux’s patented traction control system shuts down the blower when problems with cable slippage or duct blockage are detected, adding safety to every job and preventing costly cable damage.

Convenient tilting of the Condux Gulfstream 400 Deluxe Fiber Optic Cable Blower for ease of pouring in lubricant. Easily install cable into rollers, then close and you are ready to start.

The  Condux  Gulfstream  400  Deluxe Fiber Optic Cable Blower is extremely easy to   handle and transport. The blower and all accessories including hydraulic  hoses, cable and conduit packs and seal kits conveniently fit into a lightweight job box with wheels.

Can be ordered with or without the Electronic Control Box (ECB). The ECB monitors and displays the cable and tractor drive speeds and will automatically shut off the blower in these conditions: Over pressure limit, slippage, over-speed, cable stoppage.

Just select your Cable Pack and Duct Pack (see Cable Packs) (see Duct Packs).

Cable  Packs:  include Cable Grips (for end of cable), Pneumatic Venturies and Cable Seals.

Duct Packs: include Cable Grip (for end of inner-duct), Cable Carrier, Innerduct Clamps, Innerduct Seals, Innerduct Pulling Eye & Foam Carriers.

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