(PE 1.050) .750″ Two Piece – Plastic Coupler
(PE 1.050) .750″ Two Piece – Plastic Coupler-diagram

(PE 1.050) .750″ Two Piece – Plastic Coupler

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This series of reusable airtight molded couplings was introduced specifically to replace the costly two-piece metal couplings. Injection molded and UV resistant glass fiber reinforced nylon, are ideally suited for both aerial and underground applications.

The couplings are removable and lightweight, sealing completely to 200 lbs PSI and are guaranteed to handle tensile loads up to 600 lbs. The coupling has now been improved for maximum reusability. No longer will you have to throw them away after a couple of uses! We have installed a standard 10-24 brass insert for more reliable threads. One can easily replace our off the shelf zinc plated screws for stainless steel fasteners if one needs that “extra” protection from the environment. The gasket feature also allows for a .020″ to .030″ variation in the outside diameter of the innerduct and can easily be installed with either a hand held or battery powered nut driver.

Considering the combined benefits of lower initial cost, lightweight build, versatility and reusability makes this series of couplings an ideal solution for coupling applications.  Replacement gaskets are sold separately.