Polywater® WX Wax-Base Pulling Lubricant



Wax-Based, Slow-Drying Lubricant for Pulling Wire & Cable

Polywater® WX Wax-Base Cable Pulling Lubricant is a significant improvement over older style wax pulling lubricants. It is temperature stable and does not liquefy and drip off after high-temperature exposure. Polywater® WX Wax Lube is clean and slow drying. It leaves less residue in the conduit to block future cable pulls or removal.

Polywater® WX Wax Lube is environmentally safe and non-toxic. Unlike many wax pulling lubricants, it is compatible* with a broad variety of cable jackets, including polyethylene types.

Product/Package Notes:

Polywater® WX Lubricant is intended for easy hand application. It can also be pumped using the LP-D5 Drill-Powered Pump (see sidebar).

Polywater® WX Wax-Base Cable Pulling Lubricant
Catalog # Package Description Units/Case
WX-35 1-quart/0.95 liter bottle 12
WX-128 1-gal/3.8 liter pail 4
WX-640 5-gal/18.9 liter pail 1