Standard Micro Duct Pressure Test Kit

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Use the Micro Duct Pressure Test Kit before setting up the Gulfstream 150/250/300 to pressure test, proof, and lubricate micro duct for optimum performance. For the cable blower to function properly, the micro duct system must be able to withstand, and hold 200psi (14 bar). Air leaks will reduce the compressors’ ability to maintain the required pressure for cable installation. The duct system must also be passable by a proofing ball of roughly 80% fill ratio so that there are no obstructions prohibiting the installation of fiber optic cable. Lubrication may also be desired to reduce the friction involved when installing fiber optic cable. Achieve maximum performance and and installation distances by pressure testing, proofing and lubricating with the Micro Duct Pressure Test Kit.

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