Our Services

Our Primary Services

In today’s fluctuating economy, many businesses have become very concerned about keeping operating costs to a minimum while at the same time providing the best in both product quality and service. Utility Pipe Supply, Inc. is a business that is here to assist you with doing just that.

As a “stocking distributor”, Utility Pipe Supply, Inc. is able to reduce “minimum” order requirements established by many manufacturers, providing your company with the control to purchase only what you need, thus reducing your product cost and eliminating overstock – which would require valued yard and/or shop space.

What you can expect from Utility Pipe Supply:

  • Immediate deployment on in-stock materials
  • On-time delivery with NO surprises
  • Solution driven supplier
  • Priority to Customers Needs
  • HUGE selection of Pipe and Piping Products’ IN STOCK

Located in the northern suburb of Woodstock, Illinois
and conveniently situated near major highways, our facility offers the following:


  • HDPE
  • PVC
  • Steel


  • Fusion
  • Mechanical
  • PVC/Steel/Pipe Bends


  • Polymer/Concrete
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass


  • Single Reel Trailers
  • Pipe Fusion Equipment
  • Cable/Pipe/Location Equipment
  • Fiber Optic Pullers
  • Fiber Optic Blowers


  • Manhole Ventilation
  • Manhole Safety Equipment
  • Muletapers
  • Pulling Ropes
  • Pipe Lubricants
  • Maxcell
  • Caution Tapes
  • Marking Paint
  • All Underground Tooling
  • Duct Rodding Equipment
  • Above Ground Markers
  • Personal Safety Equipment
  • Traffic Control Signage