Cable Recovery Unit (C.R.U.)-2

Cable Recovery Unit (C.R.U.)



The most innovative tool for underground cable installation in years, this tool will change the way you approach any situation in placing fiber.

What is the cost of an assist hole under ideal situations? What is the cost under less than ideal circumstances?  Under a city street or beside live fiber? What if you hit a gas line or some other utility?

We have had three blowing crews field testing the C.R.U. under all kinds of conditions and we have saved digging assist holes numerous times.  The C.R.U. has a 99% success ratio.  There has a been some equipment failure or problems with other components as there always is in a blowing or pulling situation but the C.R.U. has never failed to do its job.  It’s not the right solution every time the cable stops but when applicable it can save a tremendous amount of time and money. It is amazingly simple to use. Just apply the common sense rules you always use in pulling or blowing cable, always keeping the safety of your employees in mind.

With this tool in your arsenal and kept readily at hand, a few simple steps can have your cable back moving in about 15 minutes. we have sent the C.R.U. in at hand holes, manholes and assist holes.